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What is 100 Revs: Equality through Marriage 2014? — It is a mission whereby we as ministers, priests, reverends and more importantly leaders of Christ-centered faith denominations stand up for the same-sex minority in support of their right as loving and compassionate humans to express their love for each other through same-sex marriage. This is in direct contrast to the often uneducated and dehumanising stance of the Australian Christian Lobby in regards to their fear mongering campaign against same-sex oriented individuals.100 Revs: Saying sorry to the LGBTI Community 2008 + 2010 were amazing experiences and the tears shed by both participants and the crowd were powerful to behold, as many people from my Surry Hills community saw for the first time that Christ still loves them. For almost all of the original 100 Revs there was nothing more powerful than having a spectator or parade marcher walk up, give a hug and say “this is the first time I have felt that Jesus and God love me for who I am”.

The dominant historical narrative of defensiveness and fear created by Christian ministers, churches, Christian political parties and politicians’ has never needed an alternative Jesus narrative as much as it does today. I and some of my ministry colleagues have been called away from the dominant narrative presented by the Church which has resulted in the dehumanising and devaluing of the LGBTI person, couple, family, friends and community.

There is much controversy around this topic, with repercussions therein, with many in 100 Revs having had their circumstances changed dramatically because of their stance. However, the impact that this has for a massive number of LGBTI people and their friends and family is enormous, Kinnaman (2008) describes in his book UnChristian that the second highest reason for all people not to attend church is our treatment of LGBTI people.

100 Revs believes Christ came to offer an alternative narrative to the one of the day, one of respect, dignity and safety. The importance of this alternative narrative for the Church and the LGBTI community at this time has never been so important. Will you join us in this historical action to affirm equality through Marriage Equality, an action that will provide an alternative story not just here in Australia but throughout the world?

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TitleFirst NameLast NameComment
TitleFirst NameLast NameComment
Rev DrAnaGobledaleGod is love. Some men love men, and some women love women. Let\'s get over it, and celebrate God\'s love in their lives!
RevMatthewCutlerWhen we live in love, we live in God
MrJohnReynoldschurch leader/registered Lay preacher at Nambucca Heads Uniting Church
RevHarryKerrWhere love is, there God is
The Rev\'dDavidHeadI fully support the intention of this petition and endorse it. Unfortunately being a far country Rector I will not be on the walk
RevBarrieSuttonI fully support your statement - Well done!
Rev. AndrewEaton
The Rev\'dMathewCrane
Rev. Associate ProfessorGlenO\'Brien
Rev.BrianWoodhouseI am an ordained Baptist Minister and I stand shoulder to shoulder with my LGBTIQ family. I grieve the way the dominant church has marginalised and excluded LGBTIQ people from the Christian community. It is time the Church listened again to the timeless message of hopeful acceptance that Christ lived. It is time the mainline Church repented for the painful and hateful statements it has made against the most sensitive, spiritual, and compassionate members of the community!
Rev DrMargaretMaymanThe apology is welcome. The work for justice remains incomplete.
RevNormanWilkinsI recently conducted the wedding for two gay men from the US. They had a deep commitment to the Christian faith and it was the most joyful and affirming occasion. New good friendships established!
MsBrendaRockellA NZ Baptist minister supports you from across the ditch.
RevLindaAnchellThank you Mike and Matt.
RevPeterBreenThankyou for this opportunity to walk as a companion with my LGBTI brothers and sisters and see a little more clearly.
PastorSteveTurnerRepresenting and highlighting the many pastoral care concerns and issues present today and how we as Christian leaders need to take Christ\'s message of inclusiveness to the multitudes of people, both LGBTIQ and their friends and their families, that are affected.
RevRebecca BauerBauerRepresenting the LGBTIQ community
Professor, the ReverendGaryBouma AMto denigrate someone\'s love is a crime against humanity


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39Revd. Nikki ColemanSep 14, 2015
38Andrew ParkAug 08, 2015
37Sue McDonaldJun 19, 2015
36Natalya SchmerlMar 02, 2015
35michelle FosterMar 02, 2015
34Rev Steve ThompsonMar 01, 2015
33Rev Dr Craig de VosMar 01, 2015
32Fr Jeremy GreavesMar 01, 2015
31Natasha DarkeMar 01, 2015
30The Rev'd Fr Stephen ClarkMar 01, 2015
29Abe WongMar 03, 2014
28Lauren EvansMar 01, 2014
27Anthony Venn-BrownMar 01, 2014
26Ann MurphyFeb 28, 2014
25Linda IlesFeb 24, 2014
24Robyn CushFeb 23, 2014
23Keryn RivettFeb 22, 2014
22Mark HasletonFeb 21, 2014
21Sondra KalninsFeb 21, 2014
20Jennie GordonFeb 21, 2014
19Revd Andrew EatonFeb 20, 2014
18Rowland CroucherFeb 20, 2014
17The Rev'd Mathew CraneFeb 20, 2014
16Dennis WebsterFeb 20, 2014
15Joe denineFeb 19, 2014
14Rev Assoc Prof Glen O'BrienFeb 19, 2014
13Claire LaveryFeb 18, 2014
12Keith DwyerFeb 18, 2014
11Karen DeutschbeinFeb 17, 2014
10John ReynoldsFeb 17, 2014
9Ross ColeFeb 16, 2014
8Jamie FifeFeb 14, 2014
7Susan PickeringFeb 09, 2014
6Graeme FrauenfelderFeb 09, 2014
5Zac TurnerFeb 06, 2014
4Rhett PearsonFeb 04, 2014
3Mal GreenFeb 04, 2014
2James BarronFeb 04, 2014
1Billy GovettFeb 03, 2014

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  1. Gary Bouma

    God is love and where love is God is. I take this very seriously and this reality fires my support for Marriage Equality and all loving relationships

  2. 100revs

    Greetings Revs,
    Lovely to hear from you once again. You are invited to read my comments with the article “I’m an Atheist” on our web sit : http://www.facebook.com/omcsydney which will explain my calling into ministry as a Gay person back in the early ’70’s, and the founding of Christ’s Community Church & Metropolitan Community Church Brisbane in 1974. I think it’s wonderful that you “100Revs” feel the need to say “Sorry” after what I as a Gay person has had to deal with, with comments such as (from an Anglican Minister) “I’m unsure what to do about you… I could prevent you from participating in Communion etc, but you really aren’t welcome in this church, as it might confuse our congregation. As you believe that God loves homosexuals unconditionally, where I don’t. ” etc etc etc.
    keep up the wonderful work, and I hope we can meet in the near future for a chat over a coffee. If only we can get the Bishops, & Cardinals (Heads of churches) to say “‘Sorry’ also, and we will change our churches to accept everyone”. but I know that this isn’t going to happen in my life time.
    God bless you,
    Yours in Christ and Gay Pride.
    Rev.Dr.Shane Andersen DD
    Outreach Ministries Australia
    02.96800575 Mob: 0466278644

  3. Valerie Pym

    God is a God of love and loves everyone; but He doesn’t endorse everything that everyone does. The Bible says that the time would come when people would call good ‘evil’ and evil’good.’ And that is what you are doing. It is not loving to confirm people in a lifestyle that is detrimental to them, the children concerned and our society in general; and which will bring judgement on our nation. God is also a holy and just God and a God of truth. He will not condone what He has already condemned. You are putting yourselves above the Word of God which is very clear on the matter. You are ‘blind leaders of the blind’ Val Pym

  4. Leighton Thew

    Please show me just ONE reference in Scripture where the Lord blesses (or even condones) a homosexual union and I will reconsider my stand against it. So far, I can only find references in Scripture condemning the lifestyle and God has clearly called it an abomination.
    The church’s lack of care for those who have been caught-up in the homosexual lifestyle is a separate issue. Making what is clearly wrong before God into something socially acceptable will not change Scripture, no matter how much it is argued for “loving” reasons.
    Contrary to popular spin, there is no discrimination against homosexuals getting married. However, all who enter it must first “qualify”. (You must be “of age”; single; of opposite sex; not a close relative; etc. All these are time-honoured qualifications for the good of society.)


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